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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Darren Harper - "Momentary" E.P

Darren has had 2 albums out on the Earth Mantra netlabel to date (http://www.earthmantra.com/) and another due out this month. He's also got work out on the Seed Sound netlabel, collaborates with Jacob Newman under the guise Frequent Sync. (http://seedsound.com/netlabel/seed026/) To assist his forthcoming full album release this month on Earth Mantra, he has treated us to an exceptional E.P of top drawer ambient music.
First up, 'Fields and Glass' serves as the darker half of the E.P, fusing environmental field recordings from the far east with a complex and eerie drone construction. Darren used these open-source field recordings as part of an 'unconscious collaboration' with his unsuspecting studio partner to tap in to the recording environment, by adding his own atmospheric interpretation of the recorded events. There are a lot of open-source sounds available from around the world and it is fascinating to think that these recorded fragments of time can be used freely for artistic expression by artists that have never met the person behind the source.
The second track on the E.P is entitled 'Leaves and Piano' and features a delicate looped piano composition with restful drone accents. This piece is incredibly beautiful and its flowing, subtle repetition of the piano loop guides the mind to a lulling meditative state.

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