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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Widesky : Floating in Being

Widesky is the moniker of Seth Chrisman, experimental musician and multimedia artist from New Mexico. Extended techniques, field recordings, found sound and radio static are employed as source material, woven together through improvisation with DSP chains and looping software to create subtly undulating and centrifugal compositions.

Floating in Being was recorded during the winter months of 2009-2010, inspired by feelings of intercorporeity with the acoustic environment and the vast and barren sepia-tinged landscapes of rural New Mexico.

The record takes its name from a Maurice Merleau-Ponty passage: "the body is lost outside of the world and its goals, fascinated by the unique occupation of floating in Being with another life, of making itself the outside of its inside and the inside of its outside . . . movement, touch, vision, applying themselves to the other and to themselves, return toward their source and, in the patient and silent labor of desire, begin the paradox of expression."

Released 4/02/11 and part of subscription pack 8 (Sold out).


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