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Thursday, February 10, 2011

pernicious sovereign-Blue Death Edits

Whilst experimenting with beats and breaks in 2005, pernicious sovereign assembled this collection of works that explore singular themes around a singular theme.

pernicous sovereign expects revelry, ecstasy and singularity. And all as far away as possible. Any indication of proximity will result in undesired (sparing those with dehumanising conditions) functioned existence terminations.

Due to the desired function existence termination ownership gratitude that afflicts pernicious sovereign, no one has been permited to hear these works before now, save a select interior audience of creatures often viewed, by foolish and pathetic humans, as "godlike" or "spiritual" beings. Such humans are particularily viewed with disdain and loathing. They are such special creatures and always bring us such joy.

Additional life and non-life forms appearing on this project do not wish to be indentified, such is the negative glory evoked by pernicious sovereign.

pernicious sovereign would like to state that, "This one goes out to Quorthon, not only for his fine work in/as Bathory, but for having the strength of conviction to release his solo rock albums, Quorthon "Album", and Quorthon "Purity of Essence". Not even death could ever slow your influence and strength."

perncious sovereign also grumbled and mummbled other things about others. Apparently, such artists are well aware of whom they are. Their stink infects your televisions, radios and computers. They poison venues and infect the foolish with naive feelings of originality. These works are intended to bring death, Blue Death, to them all, and edit them from existence.

pernicious sovereign is under no illusions as to the actual outcomes and wishes all the best for their future of entertainment as decaying faeces.


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