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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paper Relics - Recovered Artefact

Paper Relics are brothers Harry and Stuart Towell from a small town in Lincolnshire UK, called Bourne.
As well as running the Audio Gourmet netlabel Harry is a sound designer recording as Spheruleus.
Stuart is a self taught multi guitarist with several years' experience.
As Paper Relics, the brothers manage to combine their differing musical backgrounds as a hybrid of Stuart's blues, jazz, rock and folk influence and Harry's involvement within the modern ambient music scene.

Here we present their debut EP 'Recovered Artefacts', which should serve as a light introduction to their sound and nod towards the arrival of their first full album, which will be out later in the year.

Thematically, this EP is based around a photograph of the Malvern Hills that was taken by Stuart on a weekend away. After treating the image to make it look antiquated, the pair agreed on the title 'Recovered Artefact' as with the addition of vintaging effects, it looked very much like an old and long forgotten photograph.

After arranging the tracks into order, the duo began to think about what they felt the EP was trying to say as a package of music and treated photographic imagery. They got a vision of an elderly man discovering this old photograph of the tiny town he grew up in. Throughout the decades of his lifetime, the man had watched it change completely with constant industrial and commercial development turning the beautiful village it once was into a large and busy town.

'Recovered Artefact' tells the story of a man and his town as he reflects over the years of change and development that has turned this once picturesque village into something he no longer recognises...
creditsreleased 11 January 2011
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Lead), Recording: Stuart Towell
Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Field Recordings, Sound Design: Harry Towell

Photography: Stuart Towell


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