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Monday, February 7, 2011


Is a new release containing two tracks originated by playing and experimenting with (bash) linux
console and using one simple command:

cat /dev/mem >> /dev/dsp.

This action will dump a file (in this case a file like "/dev/mem" which is related to the computer
memory) towards our sound device "/dev/dsp". It will start then interpreting this input data
transforming them into sounds.A raw and 8-bit sound is generated containing its evolutions,dynamic
changes, rhythms, silences, textures, etc. Sometimes it sounds like loading old fashioned spectrum
cassette games.

At this time, I was reading an essay by Simon Yuill about the concepts and the relation between
brutalism architecture and computing art science


This article somehow influenced me at the very beginning of the creative process, but afterwards I
decided to work in other directions with these raw materials: cooking them by using mutant mathematics
generative processes, iterative and fractal functions applied to granular synthesis parameters.
Simultaneously I was also programming all the software (patches) needed in PureData frameworks generating
feedback between product and process.

At the end by mixing the sound blocks obtained from the transformations explained above, the two
tracks of the release were born. (in the multitrack editor "Ardour" linux-audio software )

What fascinates me the most from digital media, is having the possibility to transform whatever you
can decode into 0 and 1, and been able to dump it into different shapes and even languages (audio
can be turned into image, DNA from a cauliflower into a sonora piece...) I find here a retroflavour
of poetic absurd DADA; some kind of situationism deviation, or perhaps a shoot of machine desire


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