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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nihil Obstat-Scourge

There can be no progression without evolutionary advances, and Nihil Obstat is not exempt from this tautological certainty. Following releases on Clinical Archives, Amduscias Records, and Sounds Abound, the investigation of intense industrial harsh noise and power electronics sound sculptures continues with "Scourge". Featuring scorched earth drone, blistering feedback, industrial dirges, transmissions from the abyss, metallic kamikaze assaults, and bass pulsations reverberating off of your swiftly dissolving corpus collosum, this album is both a continuation of 'signature' Nihil Obstat themes and a journey into unsounded depths of distorted electronic mayhem. Inspired by the masters whilst retaining a total unique presence.

"In my opinion, noise has strayed from the path it once stood: either descending into virulent soapbox preaching of 'shock value' ideals or ascending into slavish imitation of other musicians. Would you truly listen to much of this material, were it deprived of the 'confrontational/controversial' elements or the endless band comparison? Nihil Obstat seeks out open-minded individuals who realize that noise can be essentially non-ideological in nature, yet still remain highly emotional and even theoretical on several psychological and contemplative tangents."

"Nihil Obstat : The Way Is Cleared".


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