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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mystahr- Dirty Stuff 1964

Afficionados of the music of Mystahr have come to recognize that specific blend of madness and magic that characterizes it. The uninitiated will gain a fine introduction to it through the sound of "Dirty Stuff". To refer to it as 'power-electronic' sound would sell it short; the sounds, noise and dynamics seem to be propelled by thier own power, the knobs and controls attempt to channel this power as best they can, and the end result is a sound you really feel that you can stand back and look at. Mystahr's music deserves observation as well as listening to gain the most out of its collective sonic information.

"Dirty Stuff 1964" is one piece of a triptych of hour long improvs, the other two are released by Just Not Normal and Earth Mantra.


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