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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maps and Diagrams - Tintinnabulate

The work is a continuation of the conceptual
drone-based sounds of "Koom" and "Foel" that was released on the
Handstitched* imprint in 2009.
This continuation sees the recycled use of original source material,
layers and processed sound created during the making of the
pre-mentioned releases.

Collectively, "Tintinnabulate" as a body of work travels and drifts
through a distant rumble and sub-level murmur which force dense
fragments of distorted melody from within the body of each piece -
this content remains intentionally corroded and disjointed from the
human ear - cascading into more a more audible, crystalline landscape.

Each piece is framed within its own floating horizon; it appears
visible close-up but subsequently out-of-focus at the furthest point.
In the layering of sound there is the natural aspect of field
recordings, continuous static and human-influence which surround the
listener and create a vast expanse of experimental and applied sound.
creditsreleased 12 November 2010
Music written and recorded by Tim Diagram
Photography by Tim Diagram.


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