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Monday, February 7, 2011

lucas darklord - The Idiocy/Generosity Cycle - Ruined Edition

This custom Ruinmix double album is a work of destructive and hostile remixing of Mother Eel's The Idiocy/Generosity Cycle. Each track being constructed by only sampling the original Mother Eel track, with the exception of the Generous Outro, which is constructed by only sampling the sound after Fistful Of Penis on Mother Eel's original 7".


For those of you intending on burning this work to cd, we suggest you split the tracks as Mother Eel do on the original 7", with "Generous Intro" through to "Like Speed"(tracks 1 to 5) on disc 1, and "Malzar Khan" through to "Generous Outro" (tracks 6 to 9) on disc 2.


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