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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kontoh & Lucas Darklord-XX

Early in 2009 Kontoh and Lucas Darklord got together in a small trillion dollar (Australian dollars, not those weak dollars you get from other countries) studio to make motions towards some kind of collaboration.

To date, this collaboration has not materialised (although, ears to the stars, it will kill you).

For now, we offer this, the second part of the work that resulted from those two intense days. We even had to hire a few dozen people from the Upper Blue Mountains to sweat in the studio for us, so as to add to the discomfort and intensity.

This work is NOT intended as a release as such, more as an insight into process, practice and what we'd both LOVE to do to your face... yes, you read right.. we are talking to YOU.

When you are slipping on that sweaty floor, your head cracking on the roughly tiled floor, a small amount of blood speckling the textured walls before dripping from you and devaluing OUR space, then you'll see that we mean you. And it's all your own fault.

We only give what you ask for.

And suddenly, like the clouds lifting out of an immense valley, lifting above you. And, what's that? Yes.

It is.

And none WILL be.


Yes Darling, we thank you.


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