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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

konntinent - all lines lead in

'All lines lead in' is a wholly remarkable EP, particularly striking is Konntinent's ability to weave a story into his music - the EP conveys a very definite feeling of beginning, middle and end, visiting upon eerie and unsettling amalgams of strings and field recordings, to incredibly delicate melodies picked out on guitar. The tracks build out of static and lost radio frequencies into shimmering, hazy pieces of blissful music, hanging in the air like some delicate mist before disappearing on the next wave of hum and white noise.

On repeated listens, it is fascinating how quickly Konntinent's own unique sound becomes apparent - music that is seemingly familiar quickly establishes itself as being very unique. The more you listen the more there is to uncover, and that for me makes this a true gem, not to be overlooked.


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