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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Julien Skrobek-Right/Wrong

"Right/Wrong" is a suite of compositions continuing the musique concrete style we have come to enjoy and expect from Parisian teacher Julien Skrobek. The same kind of slowly developing sound as we heard in "Plage Concrete" is in evidence here, but there is more development, more eventfulness present in these tracks. As usual, patience is required to get the full understanding of thr role each sound plays in each scene, but it's patience that is very well rewarded.

The sounds behave in many ways like film characters. You feel as though they are making entrances and exits and engaging in a dialogue with each other without the use of spoken words. One can almost envision a nearly empty room with a bright sunbeam shining into it, illuminating each speck of dust. It is at once forlorn and hopeful.


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