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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

iN [s]CissorS ® - The Veratrine Evangelicum

Before reading of the artist’s intentions when composing ‘The Veratrine Evangelicum’ the music called to the subterrene and in particular brought to mind a particular story by Harry Houdini, ghost-written by the inimitable H. P. Lovecraft, of the escape artist’s capture and descent into a pyramid and the gloomed fane within where unspeakable horrors laid waiting to be awakened by the rituals of swarthy priests. Whereas Houdini did escape, there is no such freedom for the listener during ‘The Veratrine Evangelicum’, which as the artist notates is indeed based on the under-earth woven with religious overtones.

Chthonic anchorites cluster and make obeisance in the pulsing deep, their meager lighting flickering upon their faces while the darkness overheard swims with the spawn of the deity genuflected to. Chants briefly illume the roiling earth-shuddering drones, like the faces of the priests, however, they are sparse and swallowed by the insuperable gloam. Rituals are announced to the chiming of bell-twisted noise and melodies flow as piano shadows the background to the insouciant seeking of blown reeds. Not just ritual ambience, ‘The Veratrine Evangelicum’ skews squeal and noisome oscillations into the abysm where the deeper one gets the closer to the priests’ deity one comes.


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