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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

goten - metabole

Goten draws inspiration from space, and possible extraterrestrial civilizations.

It is a solo project of Dark Ambient established in 2006.
The first tracks are broadcast on the radio "Radio Dark Ambient."

Over time, Goten is moving towards a "Dark Ambient, with little bit of Noise, for a result more radical, more direct, more raw, but keeping in mind a certain atmosphere characterizing the Dark Ambient.

His first mini-album called "Century" is an good example, and received good echoes. So, this decided him to continue in this experimental new voice.

Goten out right now his new mini-album "Metabole", which is completely different from "Century" and much closer to the first tracks. there includes martial industrial rhythms mixed on over long sequences of Drone and other fx.


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