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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gimu - Beluga

Gimu. His earlier music career was based around a pop/electronic band called 'Terrorturbo', in which he was lead singer. As the members of the band went their separate ways over time, Gimu found himself left alone and unsure as to what would be his next move.

It was at this time, that he'd grown very tired of lugging equipment around, endless wires, instruments and even of the sorts of chord progressions and conventional aspects of playing that had been the mainstay of the band.
He had in fact grown tired of writing 'songs' altogether and began to seek new methods of artistic expression through sound.
He decided to strip away all of the structure and rhythm of these 'songs' for his solo work, concentrating on ambient soundscapes with a focus on repetition. He began a fascination with how repetition can take you to a new level of consciousness to the point where you suddenly feel as if you are listening to things that may not even be present in the recording.

For his debut EP here on Audio Gourmet, Gimu has assembled two beautiful tracks that are a perfect representation of the sort of soundscapes he has been inspired to produce in his quest as a solo sound artist.
Through the two tracks on 'Beluga', Gimu tributes this work to close friend Patricia; a constant voice of encouragement and support to his music. This soundtrack is thematically based around the dead dreams of a biologist, the ocean and hope...

We hope you enjoy this body of work and keep an eye out for future output from this emerging talent!
creditsreleased 14 December 2010
Written and produced by Gimu
With special thanks to Patricia


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