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Monday, February 7, 2011

Federico Barabino- no-input mixer



In recent years the electronic sounds that surround us daily caught my attention intensely. His infinite universe of changing internal sonic textures inspired me hours of research and exploration for my compositions and live performances.

Based on the "error" of the console itself, connecting cables, where would the input and output without adding any external instrument, but using their own internal circuitry to generate the so-called "noise", work in real time in analog. In the so-called digital age is no coincidence that use analog devices, but is the starting point for my research tools that are losing market power and professional use. Working like a craftsman of sound, generating different sounds, changing their texture by means of equalization, working on a counterpoint to the sum of several channels, built the speech and musical form.

Detailed control of audio material and the mechanical movements of the instrument is a key part of my work, since the behavior of the console is chaotic and almost random, requiring a careful interpretation of the minimal changes, avoiding all possible shake .


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