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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eucci - Pachyderm

Finest early days tape collage.

Pachyderm started life in spring 1994 as the third collection of recordings, then under the name "Forgiveness", that would become Eucci and The Audio ELW. While most of the preceding recordings were generally two-layer audio collages, typically of radio or some instrument, Pachyderm broke through by building in many layers. This was done without any multitrack techniques. It was accomplished initially by just using spliced-together headphone cables and swapping a pair of tapes back and forth, adding in more layers and instruments and taking advantage of cheap walkman hacks like jimmying the 'auto-reverse' switch to activate all four cassette heads to get backwards audio. This portion in particular was recorded through March 1994 and constitutes most of what you hear between the 06:20 and 28:00.


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