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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Entia Non - Dead Blue Horizon

James lives in an elevated residence somewhere within Queensland, Australia and his work is typically focussed around his superb field recordings.

His output has been nothing short of prolific, straddling between netlabel releases and physical CD packages. These excursions have included notable projects out on labels as diverse as Slow Flow, U-Cover, IOD, Duckbay, Ripples Recordings, Mystery Sea, Resting Bell, Test Tube...and that's just to name but a few!

Although typically his recent work has been centered around his field recordings, James has himself recorded projects with additional 'ambient' sounds and collaborated with other artists such as Sylvie Walder to create gorgeous sonic experiments. In the future, a release is penned with talented Japanese ambient artist Hiroki Sasajima, due out on Unfathomless.

For this short EP on Audio Gourmet, we're presented with a deep exploration of James's sound recordings through three beautifully paced tracks. His ability to capture an environment designed to enable you as the listener to actually feel present at the time of recording serves as a truly fascinating spectacle. Upon listening to 'Dead Blue Horizon', it can feel as though you are blind, imagining the events as they unfold in your ears.


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