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Thursday, February 17, 2011

arte nel rumore - live in rome

Art in noisE
Way too often in Italy "noise" music has been linked to rock or dark genres, and, much worse, to the right-wing political fringe.
However, these are mere prejudices typical of our country, still underdeveloped from an arts point of view, as every noise-musician is well aware of.
In fact, major unsung artists like Luigi Russolo, Pietro Grossi and Maurizio Bianchi, make Italy play a lead role in contemporary music.
The maybe idealistic purpose of the project called "Arte nel rumorE" (literally, Art in noisE)
is to spread the concept of "noise-in-music" throughtout our country;
As a start, we are going to release come music compilations by the italian artists involved in the project, who will also deal with the theoretical side of noise music, which we think is the base to understand any kind of non-entertaining form of art.


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