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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov - Fleur Light

"Fleur Light" is a collaborative work of argentinian guitar virtuoso Federico Barabino and russian industrial artist Vitaly Maklakov.
Vitaly has worked carefully with Federico's sound sources to create unique combination of acoustic guitar sounds and electronic ambiences.

Three pieces consist of light and well-balanced material with a touch of melancholy and introversion. Musically it's a dense uneasy dark ambient mixed with sharp acoustic guitar samples.
Two final tracks are remixed versions of the first piece called "Lentamente Sonando". These remixes were created by Dime[drone], a drone ambient side project of Galaxy The Incubator.

All artworks by Vitaly Maklakov.

"Fleur Light" is also released by Heart Shaped Box prod. as limited edition CD-R.


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