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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silence Drift - Aircode

First CD from Moscow-based dark ambient/drone project Silence Drift. A powerful guitar ambient, improvised by one person - sound engineer and musician Maxim Komov. Dark and scary atmospheres, deep sounds and easy listening drones gets you into a journey on night streets. Music was inspired by photograph series 'Nightwalk' taken by Alexey Seliverstov.

Silence Drift is an dark ambient / drone project formed by musician and sound engineer Maxim Komov in late November 2007. The idea of processing & mixing recording from various record sessions with other musicians has long existed. Further experiments with mixing various records with guitar drones ended with debut videosequence called 'We Walk Through November' available via YouTube. In May 2008 Silence Drift releases 1st full-length CD called Aircode - the four long drone pieces inspired by amazing photographs taken by Alexey Seliverstov.



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