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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jon 7- Dangerous Rituals

"Dangerous Rituals" is a recording that attempts to depict the feeling of going through some of life's more dangerous rites of passage, lessons learned the hard way, times in which the most innocent creatures must take little a blackening of their soul for the sake of growth and greater development. It is a soundtrack to to some disturbing, enthralling, nightmarish times in my not-too-distant past.

Though one long piece, "Dangerous Rituals" is comsposed of three subsections; "Tunnel of Propaganda (Flat Hearing Field)", "Minefield (Fourth Day Visual Hallucinations)" and "Red Phosphorus (An Endless Succession of Collapsing Pathways)"

In this recording, certain distorted voices seem to speak ill of you in your very presence while others urge you to continue to do what you cannot resist. Harsh digital noises represent visual misinterpretations of overloaded optic nerves and saturated neurotransmission environments. Slowly growing and mutating beats depict time and places that provide only momentary autonomy but that don't stay peaceful for long before disintegrating into chaos.

The end result: the listener feel as though they have been through some sort of hell, but regrets nothing.


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