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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Third I - This is our Post Postapocalypse

"This album follows up the story we told at “When Tomorrow Hits...” album. You can download it from www.myspace.com/krikunutrasnjosti or www.hellycherry.cjb.net."

THIRD I started by the end of 2005. It brings you industrial, dark ambient, (harsh) noise, dark electro, experimental, ambiental, drone, low-fi sounds... We are constantly working on our new stuff and we have few demos waiting to be released. We are open for split releases or any kind of colaboration and direct communication with noisy / experimental / harsh / noisecore / grind / power-electronics / industrial bands, labels, distro, radio shows, zines… Labels contact us if you are interested in releasing any of our works in any format (3"/5" CD/CDr, 5"/7"/10"/12" vinyl, tape, DVD, net release etc). On our pages (www.myspace.com/krikunutrasnjosti or www.hellycherry.cjb.net ) you can find our complete discography and download most of our releases for free.
THIRD I is into DIY and we are strongly chained to DIY ethics.



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