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Friday, October 29, 2010

Joe Frawley - Speak of this to no one

Personal mythologies, somnambulant improvisations.
Joe Frawley, piano and sound collage

I wrote the music, or improvised the music, and played the piano. I also chose the found sounds and did the electronic processing and arrangements. Rachel breathed, spoke and sang. Greg provided certain sounds in the bass register. Some voices are those of narrator "Secrets", who reads for Librivox.org. "Descension Day" features double bass bowed harmonics played by Houston Guy, courtesy of user "Stomachache" on Freesound.org. "Yes, please yes" is based around dialogue samples borrowed from the BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama "Sacred Hearts". Special thanks to J.C. for sharing his personal collection with me. Cover illustration is a detail from "Ava in the Snow", by Natasha Newton [ http://theblackbirdsings.typepad.com ], used by permission. Speak of this to no one. -JF

Along with Ritual Research and Daughters of Industry, this is Joe Frawley's third release on Clinical Archives.


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