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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

K.M. Krebs and Mystified - Reclaiming The Darkness

Though Kevin Krebs often describes himself proverbially, he is a seminal influence in the Netlabel scene and has created many important works using original source material of the eclectic and electroacoustic variety.
Mystified, aka Thomas Park, remains a prolific artist who specializes in creating songs and audio collages from sounds he finds at his Saint Louis apartment or from surrounding neighborhoods.

"Reclaiming The Darkness" involved a sample exchange-- across the Pacific Ocean, unique and home-crafted sounds travelled as tiny bits, to be retrieved at other shores. Several pieces were written by each artist as "solo" pieces, and one piece, "Blinded", was written by simply agreeing on a track length, and mixing two signals, one from each artist, without preview. The result is a strange and enjoyable journey that emphasizes the strengths of both artists!

Thanks to Sandy Spreitz (www.sandystudio.com) for the artwork.


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