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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Model Citizen - The Duke Of Lancaster

Model Citizen is the ambient/minimalist solo project of Adam Williams, based in Gwespyr, North Wales.

Adam records everything himself at home, using a variety of instruments such as guitar, keys, circuit bent toys, field recordings and a computer.

Here for this fifteen minute EP entitled 'The Duke Of Lancaster', Adam sculpts his sound-sources into two beautiful and eerie drone soundscapes designed to pay homage to this former passenger ship.

The Duke Of Lancaster began service in 1956. In its heyday, the Duke was a busy passenger steam-ship and traveled between Britain, Belgium, the Scottish Islands, and as far as Denmark, Norway and Spain.

After a spell as a car ferry, the Duke was moored in Llanerch-Y-Mor, North Wales and was briefly employed as a fun ship. Once this ended, the Duke of Lancaster was left alone and is now slowly rusting, unused in a dry dock.
creditsreleased 18 August 2010
Cover photo by Hannah Richards.


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