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Friday, May 27, 2011

Basement Level 9-A Desolate Soundscape (pt. I)

01- From Dawn To Dusk / An Old World A New Experience
02- Knowledge Of The Machine
03- In An Act Of Chaos, Chaos Becomes Order, If But For A Moment
04- Traversing Across A Sea Of Sand, Only To Find Another Where It Ends
05- A Brief Interlude Of Flowers In An Otherwise Unseemly Place
06- The Other Sea Of Sand
07- Sending Signals To Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Is Futile When The Broadcasting Planet Is Devoid Of Its Own
08- Intermission - Escaping The Intolerable Heat
09- Vergangenheitsbewältigung
10- The Molar Enthalpy Of Vaporization Of Water
11- The Medley Of The Stars, The Dereliction Of Humanity
12- The Singularity
13- The Black Hole, The Circuit Board, And The Secrets Of The Past
14- In The End, All That Was Left Was Our Memories
15- Endlessly Patrolling The Corridors Of Time, pt I


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