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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ornitology is a project of Andrea Scevola making use of a permanent collaboration with his friend Pierluigi Cagnazzo on the acoustic guitar. In the future, they hopes to incorporate other musicians to enrich the sound, experience and conceptual music they compose.

"Concrete" is the latest incarnation of the sound of Ornitology. Linear music; simple, intense and dramatic. "Concrete" sees the collaboration of important emerging artists of the Italian scene:

Fabio Caruso, singer of As Memory Dies. Ennio Mazzon and UVDBP (a vortex of low pressure). A sincere thanks to the talented artists who participated in the realization of "Concrete". Participation, without which, the work would be illuminated by a different light.
released 07 December 2009
Ornitology is:
Andrea Scevola & Pierluigi Cagnazzo.


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