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Thursday, May 26, 2011

2000 Ancient Tombs-Fantasy​/​Horror Tributes 1

In which are collected our tributes to some of the principal sources of our themes....

2000 Ancient Tombs have initiated a series of musical tributes to several principal human sources of inspiration which have informed the operations of our themes.

These tributes consist of musical adaptations of the stories of fantasy and horror writers whose works have invested our imaginations with the unique appeal of their remarkable subject matter.

These tributes should be viewed as a creative residue that, deriving from the stories we portray in music, has accumulated in the hub of our brains, whereupon it has been mentally transformed into a fresh interpretation of emotional values latterly assigned as songs.

You are advised to download these songs and listen to them in the privacy of your own circumstance, perhaps within a cusp of darkness, or perhaps by using them as a means for securing an atmospheric condition of fundamental awe.

2000 Ancient Tombs profoundly salute those authors whose works we have transformed into music (and hope that they approve!).

Further Information:

Our activities are spread over the following online resources to varying effect for the conveyance of our music and visual offspring (those with asterisks * are our major outlets):


www.2000ancienttombs.bandcamp.com *




www.2000ancienttombs.wordpress.com *


www.twitter.com/2000AT *

www.facebook.com/pages/2000-Ancient-Tombs/141266815942821 *






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