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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creation VI - Planetary Nebula

Creation VI is an ambient/drone project for Ukrainian sound artist Tim Six, started in 2006.
The main aim of the project is to discover the properties of music as a tool for expressing nonverbal concepts. The first such notions arise in philosophy, mysticism and of course, in all kind of creativity. Power of ambience is practically inexhaustible, so every aspect in which there is a need of musical thinking, finds its particular expression. so the music of Cretion VI may vary from dark and ritual ambiences to weightless, transparent drones.

'Planetary Nebula' was recorded with guitar and some reduced voices, with delay and reverb used for creating a continuous flow of sound.

This work explains the genesis of planetary nebulae in the form of sound. From astronomical observations, we know that these bizarre clouds of ionized gas are the remnants of a stellar atmosphere ejected by the explosion of giant star. We can express the numbers, we can capture the spectra and images but the actual feeling of being inside the nebula, experiencing its movement, display of colors and energy is difficult to capture.
Throughout the passages within these two tracks, the Creation VI project intends to musically depict this atmosphere and allow the listener a further insight into experiencing planetary nebula...
creditsreleased 22 March 2011
Written and produced by Tim Six
Cover artwork by Tim Six
Mastered by Byron Felt


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