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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mix-toor - Paper Heart

Broken beat and still tells the whole story and believe us when we claim that this album certainly has a tight and most interesting story to tell you. An 8-track album filled with noted emotions and beats that follow up on each footstep. From ambient sounds to abstract sounds with most experimental approach in quite some time. Yet, this album is a note that was missing for quite some time in the world of electronic music. Retrosound meets today meets tomorrow meets reminder of DJ Shadow's early works. This is the one you should have on your iPod, PC, CD, in your car... in some light and bright and also those lonely moments in time. Enjoy this album by Diggarama netlabel's new artist Mix-toor. We surely enjoyed listening it and are now enjoying sharing it with you. And a small note by artist himself regarding this release: "Paper Heart is not a battle. There is a little story which impresses love, the sun and her eyes."


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