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Monday, October 4, 2010

va- Necronomusick: I, The Death

Brazilian dark ambient compilation released in 2008 by Site Brazilian Dark Ambient Music. For more information, access http://www.sbdam.cjb.net


I:Silentio Deum Cole - Surge et Abi
II:Posthuman Tantra - Transbiomorphs Killing the Death
III:Xirthüm - Silent Death on a Silent Winter's Night
IV:Whorifik - O Último Dia
V:Fafnir - The Fall in Storm
VI:Nix's Eyes - Hymn,The Death's Desires...
VII:Profunda - Inferno
VIII:Cold Embrace of Mythical Infinite Season - A Sad Vision of my End
IX:M.Køll - La Tortus Ante-Morten
X:Sobota - Bullets
XI:Dunklen Wald - Bitten By Death
XII:33Dollars - Livro dos Mortos
XIII:Görium - Necrotic Fornication


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