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Friday, October 15, 2010

Soutien Gorge - Gelbes Licht

Soutien Gorge is a experimental electronic band from Hungary mainly made by András Hargitai and his friend Robert Potys. Their music are droney and experimental tunes with electronic stuff. András played 2004 at the Sonar-Fesival and organizes the netlabel great netlabel complementary distribution and the label Bitlab Recordings . Read more at their FAQ.

The Gelbes Licht Ep is a minimal engeneered music with nonlinear distribution. The line it follows is an own line. I especially like the names of the tracks. I have to say that. This ep is an exclusive work for 2063music. I asked then to come up with an ep after I heard the first release on complementary distribution. I think this is more for darker days, grey days and also the artwork from Karex is something I really like. Go on guys.


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