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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pushing Task-T.S.C.

This album was subject to change a number of times before I finally finished the process of creation.
I will not explain the origin of the title because I want it to be whatever it means to you, but I think it is pretty obvious what it's about.
I would like to proceed by thanking my father for some noise he made outside while he was working on steel.
I would like to thank also Alex Jones for his aggressive voice,
a user on youtube that I don't remember the name for creating a video about the best torture scenes found in films,
also another video on youtube about a mariage and also a local mariage and my friends for their participation, especially Marco.

Note: The files where converted to Ogg format at 24kbps, 8000 Hz, mono and is meant to be listen in this low-fi quality.

Thanks to Amduscias Records
visit: http://amdusciasrecords.4t.com/


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