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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Master Toad-Captive

All Music Performed, Programmed, and Recorded by Barbatos.

All Album Art by Justin Thomas Squires

Special Thanks.
I would like to thank my loving Fiance Sandra for the constant support and contribution
towards my work. You can hear her voice in "Thoughts on Escape" and "Plead into the Darkness".

I would like to thank my good friend Justine of Absolute Entity 01 for being my personal
french interpreter, and correcting my lousy understanding of the beautiful french language.
She helped correct "La Mort De Mon Ami" and "Vous seul pouvez découvrir vous-même".

I would like to Thank Amduscias Records for giving the Net Release of Captive EP a fitting Home, thanks guys.

And lastly, I would like the various Dark Ambient artists and Experimental artists who continue to amaze me daily. I have
a long ways to go, but I am honored to have the chance to enjoy your works while I search for
the correct way to create my own.

Captive EP was more of a test than anything else. Through the EP you will hear various techniques and approaches
towards ambience as I struggled to find my way. I experimented with synthesizers, and various live recording

Tools of the Trade

Fruity Loops
Cakewalk Music Creator 4
Line Six Tone Port
Sony Microcassette Recorder (All Live Sounds)
Old Radio Shack Keyboard
Acoustic Guitar
Squeaky Chair
Jingly Keys
Pot Lid
Metal Bowl
Glass Jar
Alarm Clock Radio
And A Sense of Experimentation

The Limited Quantity DIY Physical Release will be available through Kitty on Fire Records


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