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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Humberto Luis Schenone - Human Tracks V / As Leaves Dance Light in Aspudden’s Life

"Silence. A melody supported by the breaks That is the way 1 feei Aspudden.
Free dancing aspen leaves. They twist at the endless whistling rhythms of blackbirds,
A little town with trees, attached to the city by a bridge and the subway.
The underground spits you at Aspudden Centrum, and right there, the Cafe de las Flores receives you with a cappuccino full of cinnamon.
Few steps beyond, the"ICA nara" supermarket, the DVD and toy stores.
At the corner of Hagerstenvagen (IVIain Street) brand new bicycles, anxiously waiting for the moment of goinc away to test their tires,
Just across the street, the library displays books to fill the locals with adventures.
Aspudden, what a long night is your winter. Snow crying its sorrows, petrifying even the tiniest leaf.
But afterwards, the spring and Aspudden. Beautiful Aspudden, you become a paradise of flowers.
Summer returns lakes and life breathes again.
The sun suffers insomnia and hardly goes to bed for a while before returning.
Aspudden of fields and parks, where children happily run around, jump hopscotch, play hide and seek or hidden, deliver love letters.
The "Kondisparken" with its pyramid and the pizza store with its great slide. The
Aspuddsparken and his small zoo: rabbits, horses, goats. Just beyond the football popcorn and mini-golf.
Aspudden, familiar and strange, what music do you prefer?
Silence, sweet rest, tingling in my voice."

Julian Zumpano Coacci
Aspudden-Stockholm July 2010

All tracks composed, played* & recorded by Humberto Luis Schenone.
Recorded at “Cubotré Studios”- Aspudden - Stockhólm, “Heidenreich Studios” - Weiden West - Köln, “Living Records Studios” Velez Sarsfield - Buenos Aires - Argentina
*Instruments played : udus(several kinds), kalimbas, tamborim, congas, frame drum, marimba, seeds, electronic instruments, etc



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