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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epsilon Eridani - Lamentos Lejanos

"Lamentos Lejanos" is the Epsilon Eridani second full-length album created for DNA Production. In contrast to debut work, new one is fully consist of fresh tracks.
This release discovers new elements in project creativity. It has less standart dark ambient and more new age and light ambient features which become a counterbalance to massive noise structures pulsing on background and creating sound pressure. And there is the culmination of the pressure when noise loops come to end interrupted by clear and extremely cold ambient in "Immer Schnee In Silenzio". This track is absolute winner, it wins over with its expressive vocal samples and atmosphere of tragedy and stoicism.
Inspired by music of Sofia Gubaidulina, "Immer Schnee In Silenzio" slightly differs from other tracks in musical and emotional sides. After this impressive peak album goes to coda, a long bunch of two dark claustrophobic tracks which are full of voice samples and chorales wandering in dark closed spaces, stumbling on walls of noise interferences...

Artworks are by Epsilon Eridani.


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