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Friday, October 8, 2010

Contact t.b.d. - StrangString

Jan Kees Helms is a sound and visual artist based in The Netherlands. In the eighties he made music with others like Viviane Marc from France, Peter Versteeg and Andrea Sturkenboom. He made music and recorded his experimental musical journeys and released them at Lor Teeps.
The tapelabel Lor Teeps cooperated with lot of other musicians in The Netherlands, but also worldwide. Lor Teeps released the first tape in 1983 with punkmusic of L'Oraagje. In 1987 Lor Teeps was more into the experimental tape-scene and released a lot of tapes.

But now... after many years of silence and making short movies with music of other musicians he started in 2009 to make visual sounds. Spring 2009 he starts with a collaboration with Billy Gomberg from New York and created the cd and short movie ANYpark with fieldrecordings of parksounds.

Contact t.b.d. released about 20 years ago many tapes at several tapelabels. For now Jan Kees Helms explores in this musical project the dark side of sound with guitardrones, synthesizers, piano and fieldrecordings. StrangString is recorded and composed during november 2009 - januar 2010.



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