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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John Tocher-Sadayatana 014

This show dedicated to the memory of Lucette Bourdin. May she rest in peace.
start artist title
00:00 Alex Durlak Lowing - Section 1
04:52 Alex Durlak Lowing - Section 2
08:50 Alex Durlak Lowing - Section 3
14:54 Sadayatana Show Intro
17:20 Jack Anderton Thunder House
18:28 Joe Frawley Tangerine part I
22:47 Jack Anderton Pond Nymphs
25:45 Joe Frawley Tangerine part II
29:15 Jack Anderton Ithsmus
32:37 Joe Frawley Tangerine part III
34:13 Jack Anderton Honeymoon Cottage
38:13 Joe Frawley Tangerine part IV
41:10 Jack Anderton Shivering Sands
47:10 Joe Frawley Tangerine part V
50:23 Jack Anderton Scar Rocks
54:26 the inventors of aircraft the black dog
56:46 the inventors of aircraft passing
62:04 Jack Anderton Bay Window (South Facing)
65:46 Sadayatana What The Heck WAS that?
68:13 Tropolina Letniy dnevnoy otdih na vtorom etaje
74:55 Tropolina Deti v lesu
77:36 Tropolina Grad, dojd', bochka
79:55 Sadayatana What The Heck WAS that?
90:18 Backyard Ghost Apparitions
96:59 Sadayatana What The Heck WAS that?
107:20 Sadayatana Palancar live ambient train wreck tribute to Lucette Bourdin
138:48 Sadayatana What The Heck WAS that?
139:30 Aairria Imipramine
149:42 Nubiferous Grottoes of Unseen
155:13 Solar Ocean Night in Forest.Warm of the Bonfire.
158:19 Requisitio Sensus Aeternum Obresti Svobodu
162:27 Solar Ocean Night Sky.Cold Stars
168:12 Solar Ocean Snowbound.The Ghost's in the Snowstorm
171:22 Solar Ocean Whisper of the Icewind
174:29 Fatum Sci-Fi Digital Brainwash
176:23 Sadayatana Show Outro


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