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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sonicbrat-Quiet Windows

Track Listing:

01. sunrise [05'02"]
02. fading in [05'09"]
03. when i used to be [06'07"]
04. paper aeroplanes [06'52"]
05. moth in the lamp [04'04"]
06. in the air i breathe [05'59"]
07. melancholic trees [06'17"]
08. tearing glass [07'51"]
09. a world within [06'19"]
10. passing showers [05'06"]
11. aleatoric lullaby [05'09"]
12. two moons [06'04"]

Total Time: [69'55"]

Message from sonicbrat:

Behind every window, there is a story... some musings, and little secrets. This is mine. "Quiet Windows" draws inspirations from little things in my life. Some good ones, and some depressing. From reminiscing a certain past, to simply looking at condensation on my window panes on a cold day, staring out at the myriads of listless concrete high-rise flats; and behind each of those windows, perhaps another pair of eyes are staring out too.


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