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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Tocher-Sadayatana Podcast: 008

Playing a lot of smaller tracks makes for a longer time editing the resulting playlist, makes for a later night getting the podcast ready before bed. Remind of this next week as I'm doing my show...

I'm thinking of using this Flores Funebres track "Depressive Personality Disorder" as kind of a theme song. I suppose I should email and ask the artist if it's ok. Nice short evocative track. Very cinematic.

This week I'm struck again by the quality of releases on the ambientaria netlabel. This latest one "The Lady or The Tiger" got a lot of play in my car driving around this week and on tonight's show.

Also I get to play several tracks from that Joe Frawley release I was so taken with earlier in the year: "Speak of This to No One". Instead of auditioning music for my show I ended up just listening to that one for a week. Fun to hear it again. And thanks to the ever amazing Mark Stolk for turning me on to Joe Frawley. Awesome...

Flores Funebres: Depressive Personality Disorder
Sadayatana: Host Blathers on About Sadayatana
Backyard Ghost: Salt And Water
Backyard Ghost: Misty Grave Serenade
Backyard Ghost: 1979
Backyard Ghost: Capgras Delusion
Host Speaks
Elías Moreno: Bloodsleep
Forgotten Backyard: Black Blood And Oil
A Nocturnal Reviere: Another Path (Intro)
Julia van der Piller: Dark symphony
fosel: quadrireme
Bulkrate: Into the portal of doom
Epsilon Eridani: Immer Schnee In Silenzio
Acousmata: Reflections
Din-Tah Äon: Untitled
Evgenij V. Kharitonov: Electrical Jungle
Audio Geist: Dreams of the Dead Ocular-Ra
Monolithic Dome: Pigs Ate the Sun
Host Speaks
Joe Frawley: Yes, please, yes
Joe Frawley: The kiss
Joe Frawley: In paradisium (Black lipstick)
Ayankoko: 04 - Sens
Impulsantwort + Pharmakustik: gra_n3
Nagual Art: Der Wandernde Jude
Ayankoko: 03 - BlackMarch
Christian Doil: Liquidation
CDRX: The Dreamscape's Machinery
Mister Vapor: Trackless Depths


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