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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Tocher-Sadayatana 024

Tracks from Backyard Ghost, and his other project with The Spirit Dies: The Grave Dominion. New releases from Treetrunk Records, Dark Winter, and Webbed Hand Records. Tracks by Nathan Larson and Brooks Rongstat... What do you have? A heady brew my friend... Take just before bed in a darkened room.
start artist title
00:00 The NumberJack The Intro Feat. Vince Price
02:27 Bunk Data Eyes Burned With Anguish
08:22 Priori Aurora
09:46 The Grave Dominion Bitter Harvest
15:10 Bulkrate a frozen realm
23:29 Backyard Ghost Cryogenics
23:42 The Grave Dominion Compulsion
30:46 Backyard Ghost Untitled
31:41 Therradaemon Tekel
38:48 Backyard Ghost Hungry Ghost
39:16 Priori Rinderphone
47:04 Daniel del Rio Turbulence(cab resonant)
47:59 False Mirror Charybdis
55:34 Sadayatana Intro
58:17 iaiko image.2
62:02 Backyard Ghost Morgellions
63:23 Mystified Spellbound
67:55 Backyard Ghost The Mortal Realm
68:54 Bulkrate drown thy sorrow
75:41 Alexei Biryukoff lonely cow
76:03 Roto Visage The Death of Kotzwara
79:25 Backyard Ghost Sorcerer
82:46 Synaptic Necropolis Glacial Asylum
92:38 Buben Sounds Of Night Garden
98:41 Phaenon Disturbed Surface (sharp remix)
103:04 Alexei Biryukoff crowd
103:44 Priori Nodec
105:41 Backyard Ghost Resurrection
106:55 Olivier Cyr and Priori Alone Priori's Remodel
112:10 The Grave Dominion Denounced
123:14 Exuviae Swallowing Ghosts
127:04 Alexei Biryukoff geese
127:44 Samsa Armchair Ascention
130:47 Bunk Data Interference Extraction
135:38 Priori Nelpowe
137:27 Daniel del Rio Ferryboat (underwater)
138:14 Backyard Ghost Mithridatization
140:13 bunk data vs abre ojos a beam from eon
144:05 fosel antistress
147:54 Sadayatana Voiceover
149:16 Astrum Interstellar
154:53 abre ojos air
156:21 Samsa Residual
157:00 abre ojos air
157:43 Samsa Drifter
158:24 abre ojos air
160:11 Samsa Uphill Both Ways
160:58 abre ojos water
163:26 The Grave Dominion Fiction for the Faithful
167:56 ANGELswing Laveyathan
169:48 Priori Jane's Asphyxia
174:37 ANGELswing he found himslef without
175:21 Backyard Ghost Late Night Visit From Mr Flashlight
180:14 Sadayatana Voiceover


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