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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adrian Anioł-Arrhythmia

"Adrian Anioł’s music haunts you in the way only minimalism can haunt. Soundtrack music (or, at least, good soundtrack music) is by nature emotionally and visually evocative without being intrusive, and this makes for great ambient music."
Blaine Talbut (Escapology, escapebadmusic.com)

"These 15 tracks together convey some very strange, somewhat industrial, atmospheres - sometimes disturbed by some loud and downright startling percussive effects.

Navigating between contemporary ambient/electronic music and atmospheric movie soundtracks (this could've also been great game music, by the way), Adrian Anioł definitely creates his a distinct musical style that deserves to be heard - and NOT only in arthouse cinema theatres!"
Peter Van Cooten (Ambientblog, vancooten.com)

This recording was made for a 38min independent movie directed by James Hartley. Please note that this album was recorded using low-end techniques with purpose.
released 03 March 2011
Written & Performed by Adrian Anioł

Saxophone Performed by Russell Johnson

Cello and Strings Performed by Paul Martin

Arrhythmia was assembled and mixed by Adrian Anioł
in Within Without Studios.

Artwork by 21gramsinc.com


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