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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Piano Works (John Holowach)

1. My Piano Sings (Part 4) (feat. Joana Smith)
Using Joana Smith's "Our Bed" (check her out at joanasmith.net), myself and my group Tryad weave an impressive, melodic, dark piece, stabbing with group member Vavrek's vocals. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED)

2. My Piano Sings (Part 2)
Created (I think) back in 2004, this was a fun, hopping piece with a bass and a nice rhythm.

3. My Piano Sings
The original, made in early 2004 (or late 2003, I can't remember). Uses a very altered sample of "Claire de Lune" to back it.

4. My Piano Sings (Part 5) (feat. E-Train)
Utilizing samples from a friend's first attempt at something, this song sports a piano backing (of course) with strings and a groovy drum section. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED)

5. Rain (Fantasia on Gymnopedie No. 1)
A reworking of the Satie piece.

6. My Piano Wakes
Probably my favorite of the new ones for this album (although that's a toss-up with Part 7), this one is a simple melody against the backdrop of rain. Perhaps repetitive at the outset, things begin to change and shape a little after the one minute mark. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED)

7. Acid Piano
Using a small sample from Steven J. Kukla's piano variation of "Parisian Bells," this work sports a strong drum backing with hefty rhythms. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED)

8. Death of the Little Soldier (a.k.a., My Piano Weeps)
An original piano composition, telling the sad tale of a young man who fought and died in a great war, and is now just a small, frail body lying among his fallen comrades on a forgotten battlefield...

9. My Piano Sings (Part 3)
A favored song among people who like my music, this needs no introduction.

10. My Piano Sings (Part 7)
A strong, powerful piece with layed piano and bass. I highly recommend you get this one, if no other. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED) http://www.archive.org/download/Piano_Works/Piano_Works_64kb_mp3.zip

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