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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Eclecticism, experimental, soundscape, strange, electronica...Sounds, sensations and the melodies of night city reflected and passed through dark glass of the casual car.

Djet is the solo project of Alexander Lisovsky which exists since 2002. The basic direction in creativity Djet is synthesis of various styles and directions in electronic, acoustic and noises to music. Connections rational with irrational, eclecticism and sound installation, soundart and soundscape are the basic clothes covering the main core - the rhythm. Style can be named as - IDM/synthesis experimentation. Process of creation of music is similar on expressive painting where instead of brushes Djet uses various computer programs, musical (and completely not musical) tools and other adaptations, with help which it is possible to take sounds...process creations of music for Djet the end result is more important, than. There is a vector and the general direction of movement, and than each sound trip will end - he never does not know...for today Djet is the agent of label BACKWARDS Records NW (Seattle, USA).

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