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Monday, April 4, 2011

fosel - dull stars

"This album is inspired in part by the exploration of new musical apps offered on the iPhone. It is primarily the result of late night experimentation without any specific idea or concept in mind beyond the creation of sound.

All soundscapes created on a MacBook Pro with Ableton Live and an arsenal of soft synths and effects via Reaktor. iPhone apps used include Runxt, Jasuto and modAxis.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, January through March, 2011."
Track List:
01 angstrom scenario [06:56]
02 the blue window [04:39]
03 gamma correction [06:20]
04 only the snow can begin to explain (adrian juarez remix) [06:42]
05 adenine [08:47]
06 electrolyte [09:11]
07 rule 30 (juan jose calarco remix) [18:00]
08 terribly afar in lost lands [09:50]
09 dull stars [04:30]


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