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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Valerio Orlandini - LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi

Valerio Orlandini's first album for the Petcord netlabel, LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi, creates
a huge cavernous space of eerie drones with a constantly unsettled atmosphere as the tune progresses to the abyss hidden in the grainy dust. A distant machinery of an industrial mindscape, recurring elements see constant transformation without losing momentum in a virtual scenery. The abyss
approaches as a silently swallowing black. Only after the grainy dust has settled more details start to
show up and the final minutes turn to hours, days, weeks and years as the space-time continuum is bent and stretched by gravity. Before the curvature of the remains of light fades away on a shrinking horizon dreamy sound patches are floating by, before the darkness eventually will take over.


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