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Sunday, November 7, 2010

SSH Visor - Molekül

Molekül (meaning "molecule" in German) is the third full-length by Austrian electroacoustic musician C.A. Sinclair under his SSH Visor moniker. This new release introduces household objects as sound sources for Sinclair's digital maniplulatios, in addition to acoustic and electric instruments. The loose conceptual idea for Molekül was having a rhythm or repeating loop at the bottom of each composition around which freeform structures unfold.

SSH Visor is for some a complicated and an uneasy listening experience. Chaotic and insecure. To enter the world of mister Sinlair, one have to have patience. Listening to Molekül is as having a conversation with an eccentric man with no stop button. Without paying attention he will endlessly continue talk nonsense, but with a will to listen and understand the conversation turns out not to be nonsense after all. And what before seemed like an endless talk is now something you paying attention to with interest.


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