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Monday, November 8, 2010

Red Factory - Dark j'ador

Red Factory - Dark j'ador [MCM.05]

01.Interzone Inc - To Far Away http://www.archive.org/details/elpa41/

02.Cousin Silas - Shards Of Dark http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

03.Cuatrojos - Cold Dylan Matter http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

04.Mentalny Kolaps - Under This Cold And Distant Sun / A Whisper http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

05.Loki Fun Lilith & No Way Out - Unknown Control http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

06.Perankh - The Great Dead http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

07.Christian Doil - Titan http://www.earthmantra.com

08.Pak Yan Lau - Breathing Spaces http://koppnetlabel.blogspot.com/

09.Nihilia - The Peace Before Last Breath http://blogs.myspace.com/nihilia0

10.BPRF - BPRF_1 http://load-and-clear-netlabel.blogspot.com/

11.Gabran - Noise with apparitions http://sfintrecords.altervista.org/

12.Noize - June http://www.archive.org/details/rz_172


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