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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lee Rosevere - The Gold Room

"The Gold Room" was created using a combination of audio manipulation techniques inspired by the experiments of Brian Joseph Davis and Alvin Lucier.

Each piece is the result of playing all the songs from a particular artists 'gold collection' (or greatest hits release) simultaneously. The sound is then played back to itself over and over (often over a hundred times at least) as if it were playing a room over loudspeakers, adding a new layer of natural room reverb with every pass. Eventually all original sound is removed, with only the sound of the 'room' acoustics remaining.

Each piece is controlled to represent the imaginary sound of a different room', each its own different size, with each piece using different reverb lengths and reverb volume parameters.

The result is an extremely ambient experience, with the faint ghostly tone of the original room sound echoing through.


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